ICYMI: Three Women Leading the Democratic National Convention are Breaking Barriers

CHICAGO – On Thursday, NBC 5 Chicago celebrated Women’s History Month by recognizing the three women leading the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago: Democratic National Convention Chair Minyon Moore, Host Committee Executive Director Christy George, and Host Committee Senior Advisor Keiana Barrett.

For the first time in history, three Black women are leading a major political convention.

The leaders discussed the importance of representation in politics, building a bench for young women, and engaging the Chicago community in the convention with NBC 5’s Lexi Sutter.


Minyon Moore on engaging Chicago in the convention:

“You just have to have some courage…The thing I know about Chicago is people participate if they are asked to participate. They participate if they are not asked to participate. They are a city that gets involved and this is a convention that we want to extend our hands and open our hearts.”

Christy George on the importance of women’s leadership:

“A woman can do this job. That a woman can run a very efficient ship, a very tight ship, that a woman cannot only just have a seat at the table, but can shape the table.”

“I have two little girls at home… and it’s incredibly important for me to be able to share with them my experiences so that they can believe and know that they can have this opportunity in their lives.”

Keiana Barrett on empowering young women:

“This will be a pivotal moment to make sure that we’re building a bench of talent for young women, for women of color, again to say no to limitations.”

“We see ourselves as visionary leaders. We see ourselves as world changers. We see ourselves as mothers. We can do everything.”