WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: “See You in Chicago!” as President Biden Clinches Delegates for the Democratic Convention

CHICAGO, IL — Last night, President Biden became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee following resounding primary victories in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington – more evidence that Democrats are overwhelmingly united behind President Biden and Vice President Harris’s record of historic accomplishments and their vision for the nation.

Voters across the country will continue to put their faith in the Biden-Harris ticket throughout the primary, leading up to a crucial next step in our democratic process: the 2024 Democratic National Convention. Delegates from all 57 U.S. states and territories will convene in August in Chicago to officially renominate President Biden and Vice President Harris.

Here’s what Democratic leaders are saying about the President’s presumptive nomination:

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: As we brought voices of voters of color to the forefront and embarked on the most inclusive Democratic primary in history, Democrats across the country – from South Carolina to Nevada, from Michigan to Georgia – have chosen @JoeBiden to be our party’s presumptive nominee.

DNCC Chair Minyon Moore: @joebiden secured enough delegates and is now our presumptive Democratic nominee.  We look forward to showcasing the Biden-Harris accomplishments. Let’s help them finish the job with a second term. #demconvention

DNCC Executive Director Alex Hornbrook: Chicago is ready to welcome @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris and Democrats from across the country this August!

Americans are choosing a vision of freedom and progress and we’re excited to tell that story as we nominate this historic ticket for four more years to finish the job #DNC2024

Biden-Harris Campaign Co-Chair Mitch Landrieu: Trump said that he’s going to cut Social Security and Medicare. Joe Biden said he’ll protect them. Trump wants to take away health care. Biden will protect it. Trump has eviscerated women’s rights in America. Biden will protect them

Pete Buttigieg: Freedom is on the line. The freedom of families like mine to exist right now is on the line. Some of these same elected figures are now involved in banning books. If you are banning books, you are not expanding freedom

DNC Secretary Jason Rae: Let’s go!

My Office is ready to certify these delegates and get to work on an amazingly successful convention that will send @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris to victory again this November!

Donna Brazile: Congratulations @JoeBiden on securing the @DNC nomination. As an automatic delegate to the DNCC in Chicago, I will vote to support your candidacy for president of the United States of America. We need four more years of your unselfish devotion to all Americans.

In California:

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi: Let’s not dwell on Trump except to say we must win this election because democracy and the personal freedoms that spring from that are all on the ballot. I’m so pleased that within the last 24 hours, Joe Biden has wrapped up the nomination for the Democratic Party, so onward to victory.

Congressman Eric Swalwell: Freedom is at stake in this election, freedom to control your body, freedom to have affordable health care, to live without fear of gun violence, to vote, to breathe clean air. We know what’s going to happen, Trump has said he’ll be a dictator on day one

In Delaware:

Senator Chris Coons: Let’s get to work!

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester: Let’s finish the job, @JoeBiden.

In Florida:

Florida Democrats: 4 MORE YEARS!

Florida Democrats are ready to organize, defend democracy and win in 2024.

Congratulations to our nominee, President @JoeBiden. Let’s do this!💥

In Georgia:

Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock: Welcome again to battleground Georgia. The country should know by now that Georgia shows up. And there is poetry and power that it was Georgia that’s pushing him now over the finish line. We know now that Georgia literally saved the whole country in 2021, sending its first African American senator and its first Jewish senator to the United States Senate from Georgia in one fell swoop….Georgia did this on January 5, as you point out, we saw a violent insurrection pushed forward by this ex-president on January 6, and in a real sense that’s what this election is about. Are you going to choose the America of January 5 that would send a kid who grew up in public housing, the first African American senator from Georgia, to the Senate and a Jewish kid also mentored by John Lewis? Or are you going to give into the forces of resentment and revenge and retribution that got Donald Trump? I choose January 5, I choose an America that embraces all of us.

Congresswoman Nikema Williams: The road to the White House runs directly through the Peach State. Georgians made our voices heard at the ballot box – we delivered tonight for President Biden, and we’ll deliver again in November! #GaPol #GaDems

Georgia Democrats: President @JoeBiden just clinched the Democratic nomination for president with a win in Georgia 👏  Now we’re ready to keep the good work going to defeat Trump this November!

Georgia Democrats: A message from Chairwoman @NikemaWilliams on @CNN: Georgia Democrats are ready to get to work!

In Illinois:

Governor JB Pritzker: Tonight, @JoeBiden secured enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination.

And in August, we’ll make history as we officially nominate President Biden and Vice President

@KamalaHarris for a second term at the @DemConvention in Chicago.

Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton: I’m fired up for the work ahead to protect reproductive freedoms! That’s why I’m thrilled @JoeBiden is our presumptive nominee!

Up next, we welcome you to Chicago for the Democratic National Convention to celebrate the Biden-Harris ticket and moving our nation forward!

Congresswoman Nikki Budzinski: Congratulations to @JoeBiden on becoming the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for U.S. President.

Excited to support him this summer at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago!

Congressman Danny Davis: As Congressman representing the vibrant 7th District, it is with great pride that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to President Joseph Biden on his presumptive nomination as the Democratic Party’s candidate for the upcoming 2024 election. President Biden’s steadfast leadership and unwavering commitment to the values that unite us as a nation make him an exemplary choice to lead our party forward.

Furthermore, I am honored to announce that the 7th District will serve as the host for the Democratic National Convention in 2024. This is a testament to the strength and diversity of our community, and it is a privilege to showcase the spirit of unity and progress that defines our district on a national stage.

As we look ahead to the convention and the crucial election ahead, let us stand together in support of President Biden and the Democratic ideals that will guide us toward a brighter future for all Americans. Together, we will continue to build a more just, equitable, and prosperous nation for generations to come.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly: Tonight, President Joe Biden won enough pledged delegates to secure the Democratic nomination at this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago. As an Illinois Democrat, I look forward to welcoming delegates from all 50 states and US territories as we gather to celebrate and nominate President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The Biden-Harris Administration has a strong record of accomplishments and they are the clear choice in November.

I look forward to enthusiastically casting my vote for President Biden in the Illinois primary next Tuesday and voting for the Biden-Harris ticket for a second time in November.

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi: Congratulations to President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris on earning the pledged delegates to secure the Democratic nomination!

I look forward to welcoming you to Chicago for the Democratic National Convention this summer and helping to finish the job!

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky: Tonight, Joe Biden has garnered the 1,969 pledged delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination for president.

President Biden and VP Harris will fight to defend and expand social security, make the rich pay their fair share, codify Roe, and fight for care workers and caregivers. Their vision is one based on common sense, fairness, and justice. The alternative is retribution & chaos.

Democracy is on the line — we cannot afford to give Donald Trump and the MAGA movement any additional time in power.

We must and will win in November, and when we fight — we win.

Democratic Party of Illinois: Congratulations to @JoeBiden for becoming the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for U.S. President.

Illinois Democrats are excited to welcome him this summer at the @DemConvention in Chicago!

In Massachusetts:

Congresswoman Lori Trahan: Onward 💪

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair Steve Kerrigan: We’re pumped @MassDems to work hard for @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris in this campaign. Our future is on the ballot. #Biden2024 #BidenHarris @TheDemocrats

Massachusetts Democratic Party: Let’s go @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! Another milestone toward four more years. 👏

In Michigan:

Governor Gretchen Whitmer: People across the country have made their voices loud and clear: We’re full steam ahead for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! Let’s go!

Senator Gary Peters: Tonight @JoeBiden secured enough delegates to be the presumptive Democratic nominee for President.

The stakes for 2024 couldn’t be higher. Now it’s time to keep building on his strong record delivering for Americans.

In Minnesota:

Governor Tim Walz: Congratulations to our presumptive nominee, @JoeBiden.

In the Midwest, we stand with labor, protect reproductive freedom, and fight for voting rights.

There’s no better place for the President to make his case to the American people than the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan: @JoeBiden has officially become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for U.S. President. Next is the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

I can’t wait to join him and Vice President @KamalaHarris in Chicago to celebrate and tell the story of what Democrats stand for.

Senator Tina Smith: President Biden just secured the delegates he needed to officially be our nominee.

His State of the Union speech painted his vision for the future of American democracy — now it’s time to deliver.

In Mississippi:

Mississippi Democratic Party: Congratulations to @JoeBiden for becoming the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for U.S. President.

Millions of Americans are making their voice heard & supporting Joe Biden’s vision of freedom and progress.

Onward to November! 💪

In Ohio:

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty: Full steam ahead to the convention!!! Delegates from 57 US states and territories will be convening to official nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President.

Congresswoman Shontel Brown: Congratulations @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris!

There is so much at stake this election and we must all do everything we can to ensure victory in November. Let’s get to work!

In Pennsylvania:

Lt. Governor Austin Davis: @JoeBiden has officially become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for U.S. President. Next is the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

I can’t wait to join him in Chicago, celebrate the Biden-Harris ticket, and tell the story of what Democrats stand for. #LetsWork

In Tennessee:

Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Hendrell Remus: Congratulations Mr.President, we’re ready to help finish the job! @POTUS @JoeBiden

In Virginia:

Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan: Congratulations @JoeBiden on becoming the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for the 2024 election!

With our freedoms, progress, and very democracy on the line, I’m proud to support the Biden-Harris ticket.

President pro tempore L. Louise Lucas: Congratulations President Biden on clinching the Democratic nomination and we are TEN TOES DOWN behind you!

Elizabeth Guzman: Are you ready to defend Democracy? Four more years of a Biden-Harris administration is the ticket for you.

Congratulations, @JoeBiden. Onward to victory!

In Washington:

Washington Democrats: Congratulations President @JoeBiden and VP @KamalaHarris on your victory in WA’s Presidential Primary and securing the Democratic Party nomination!

WA Democrats will recommit ourselves to ensuring your success this November. Together, let’s keep moving forward! #FourMoreYears

In Wisconsin:

Governor Tony Evers: Congratulations to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. The future of our democracy, reproductive freedom, and more is on the line in this election – we’re proud to stand with you and we’re ready to win in November.

Wisconsin Democrats: It’s official: Joe Biden is our presumptive nominee. The future of our democracy and our freedoms are on the line this November.

Let’s go win this thing.

In Wyoming:

Wyoming Democrats: Congratulations to @JoeBiden for becoming the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee! Millions of Americans are making their voice heard and supporting his vision of freedom and progress.