ICYMI: Minyon Moore on How the Democratic National Convention Will Tell the Story of the Biden-Harris Record

CHICAGO – Yesterday, Democratic National Convention Chair Minyon Moore published an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune highlighting one of the next crucial moments in the democratic process, the Democratic National Convention. In the op-ed, Moore celebrates President Biden becoming the presumptive nominee and describes how the convention will serve as a pivotal opportunity to tell the story of the historic Biden-Harris record and the high stakes of this election, which the American people will see when they tune in to the convention in August.

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Key Excerpts:

On the stakes of the 2024 election:

This year, we are once again facing an election that will define the future of American democracy – one where we must choose between unity and division, between hope and chaos. It’s a choice that we’ve faced once before, and it’s a choice that we cannot afford to get wrong.

On the significance of the Democratic National Convention:

As Democrats across the nation continue to show overwhelming support for the Biden-Harris ticket, our focus now shifts to the next stage of the democratic process: preparing for the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. This August, delegates from every U.S. state and territory will convene to formally nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as Democratic nominees for President and Vice President. As we come together as a party, we will also have an opportunity to tell our story to the American people. It’s a story of resilience, possibility, and progress. Chicago is the perfect place to tell this story. 

On Chicago being the host city:

When I look around Chicago, I see the story of America, and when Democrats across the country gather here this summer, I know they’ll see it too. They’ll see the diversity that makes our party and our country great, they’ll walk the streets built by union labor, and they’ll see Biden-Harris investments in action. As we build the convention stage, we’ll bring that same story to all of America. 

On the historic Biden-Harris record:

The story of President Biden and Vice President Harris’ record of accomplishments is nothing short of historic. Four years ago, the country was hit by the worst economic crisis in a century. Americans found themselves out of work, and families struggled to make ends meet. The Biden-Harris administration navigated us out of that uncertainty, leading us into an unprecedented comeback: 15 million jobs. Record unemployment. A small business boom. A growing middle class. 

On the threat to democracy that extreme MAGA Republicans pose:

While Democrats are focused on delivering results for middle-class families, extreme MAGA Republicans have made it clear that if given the opportunity, they will undo the progress made under President Biden’s leadership. They’ve threatened to roll back the clock on key issues like health care, reproductive freedom, and gun safety because they care more about scoring political points than addressing the issues impacting American families. As they continue to wage war on our freedoms, Democrats will use this year’s convention as an opportunity to underscore how the future of democracy at home and abroad is on the line. With the eyes of the American people turned on Chicago, the convention will offer a contrast between two competing visions for America: one guided by hope and progress, and one motivated by a desire for political retribution.