ICYMI: Democratic Leaders Emphasize Party Strength and Unity Ahead of 2024 Democratic National Convention

Leaders from the 2024 Democratic National Convention Committee, Democratic National Committee, and Biden for President campaign highlighted the importance of coordination across organizations

CHICAGO – Last week, more than 400 Democratic leaders representing all 57 U.S. states and territories visited Chicago to preview the Democratic National Convention and receive key planning updates. During the visit, Convention Chair Minyon Moore and leaders from the Democratic National Convention Committee, Democratic National Committee, and Biden for President campaign discussed convention planning as Democratic organizations work together to bring the story of our party and president to the American people.

Key Quotes:

“Everything from the small to the large … they’ve done in a coordinated fashion, whether it’s talking to the state parties about their hotel assignments as early as they’ve ever gotten them or showing them how their experience is going to be and feel in the United Center on the floor. It’s the little tactical stuff but that frees up those folks … that are out there doing the real work on the ground to elect Democrats,” said Alex Hornbrook, DNCC Executive Director.

“When Joe Biden ran last time in 2020, he talked about restoring the soul of the nation and this is another place where there’s fundamental clear differences between Republicans and Democrats, Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” said Roger Lau, DNC Deputy Executive Director. “Donald Trump is talking about banning Republican leaders like Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley from being part of his party and being part of this campaign. I was Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager in 2020. I was asked by President Biden and his team to be Deputy Executive Director of the DNC. The contrast in outreach to progressives throughout the 2020 election and the transition to where we are now, it could not be more stark.”

“I think you’ve seen the results in that kind of coordination very early on, where it’s not that we’re talking to each other just to solve problems but we’re actually talking about real, long-term planning … and how we’re really maximizing that at the convention,” said Louisa Terrell, Biden for President Senior Advisor. “To do that so early is very much how the campaign has been operating … You look at the kinds of infrastructure that’s in place now – more than 100 field offices for the campaign, the fundraising, the ad buys – we’re doing so in an unprecedented, early way for the campaign. I think that’s also been key to how the convention team has worked with the campaign, and frankly, it’s just a stark contrast to the other side.”