ICYMI: Democratic National Convention Officially Moves Into the United Center

CHICAGO – Yesterday, the Democratic National Convention Committee officially moved into the United Center, the site of the 2024 Democratic National Convention’s primetime proceedings and programming, beginning construction to transform the arena into the convention hall. United Center officials Michael Reinsdorf and Danny Wirtz joined Democratic National Convention Chair Minyon Moore and Executive Director Alex Hornbrook to mark the milestone and hand over the United Center “keys.”

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WBBM (CBS Chicago): DNC sets up for the big show at Chicago’s United Center

In less than two months, the Democratic National Convention at the United Center will be packed with delegates from all over the country in August, and on Monday, DNC officials moved in.

No Bulls or Blackhawks on Monday, but there’s branding of another kind at the United Center.

“We’re so excited to continue that legacy by creating another iconic moment here, welcoming the 2024 Democratic National Convention,” said Danny Wirtz, a United Center Joint Venture Executive Committee member.

WFLD (FOX Chicago): United Center begins transformation for 2024 Democratic National Convention

“Here at the United Center, we create iconic stories—on the stage, on the ice, on the floor, and in the community. We’re excited to continue that legacy by welcoming the 2024 Democratic National Convention,” said Danny Wirtz, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks.

This event marks the return of the convention to the United Center for the first time since 1996, with heightened expectations.


“We will build the stage—literally and figuratively—for President Biden, Vice President Harris, and our party to showcase their accomplishments and historic achievements directly to the American people,” said Alex Hornbrook, DNC Executive Director.

WLS-TV (ABC Chicago): Democratic National Convention staff, volunteers start moving into United Center

Heavy-duty preps were happening inside the bowl at the United Center on Monday.

Construction workers are transforming the sports and concert venue into the Democratic National Convention Hall, and Monday marked move-in day for staff and volunteers.

“Sharing excitement about what’s to come,” said convention chair Minyon Moore.

Beginning Aug. 19, Chicago will host more than 50,000 visitors, including 5,000 delegates, 12,000 volunteers and 15,000 members of the media.

“We promote what’s positive about the city from a cultural lens. You know, this isn’t the first rodeo for us with the DNC. This organization, the DNC, and the city, and the federal organizations are truly on top of this,” said Choose Chicago Chair Glenn Eden.

WMAQ (NBC Chicago): DNC Moves Into the United Center

ANCHOR: We are getting our first look at the setup inside the United Center for the Democratic National Convention. Over the next two months, a small army of workers and volunteers will put everything into place in and around the arena. Democrats putting on the show here for the first time since 1996. Construction on the stage is already underway inside the United Center, where key speakers will stand during the Democratic National Convention.

ALEX HORNBROOK: The President and the Vice President are really excited about it. We’re really excited about it and really excited to do the work for the last 55 days.

ANCHOR: The venue typically hosts more than 200 events each year, from concerts to Bulls Blackhawks games. But today, the DNC committee moved in, marking the occasion with a commemorative key. And for the next two months, staff will transform this space into their convention hall.

WGN 9 (Chicago): DNC Moves Into United Center Today

ANCHOR: Democrats are making themselves at home at the United Center. Delegates from across the country will be here to nominate President Biden for a second term at the Democratic National Convention in August. The sports arena will begin its transformation into a convention hall in less than two months.

MINYON MOORE: We’re learning each day how to build a convention. If anyone tells you ‘we have been here before,’ we have been in this building before, but this convention will be different. It will be exciting.