ICYMI: Democratic National Convention Executive Director Alex Hornbrook Outlines Vision in New Op-Ed

Newsweek: “Tale of Two Conventions—Democrats Enter Final Sprint to the 2024 Democratic National Convention”

CHICAGO – Today, Alex Hornbrook, Executive Director of the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC), penned an op-ed in Newsweek marking the final sprint to the Democratic National Convention. He highlighted the strong coordination taking place from top to bottom in convention planning, President Biden and Vice President Harris’ historic record of accomplishments and vision for the future, and the stakes of this November’s election.


Newsweek: “Tale of Two Conventions—Democrats Enter Final Sprint to the 2024 Democratic National Convention”

Key Excerpts:

On the strength of the Democratic Party:

“Across the country, Democrats are rallying behind the Biden-Harris ticket and preparing to re-nominate President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris this August. That widespread support isn’t a coincidence—it’s thanks to President Biden’s investments in our party infrastructure. Democrats from all 50 states and the U.S. territories are working together to protect and expand the progress we’ve made over the last four years. This coordination has put our party in a position of strength entering this critical election, allowing us to focus on the work required to build a convention that will bring the story of the party and the president to the American people.”

On Chicago being the host city:

“Chicago is the perfect place for us to bring this story to the American people. The city has a long track record of hosting safe and successful large-scale events, including the 2012 NATO Summit and 1996 Democratic National Convention. This year’s DNC will be no different. With its rich history, diverse culture, and iconic neighborhoods, we’re confident that our convention won’t just be a success for the party and the president—it will be a boon for local businesses and communities.”

On the difference between the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention:

“It’s a stark difference from the story of revenge and retribution that will be seen when Republicans descend on Milwaukee for Donald Trump’s convention in July. The GOP is embroiled in chaos and controversy, and that turbulence is reflected from the RNC all the way down. Republican state parties are strapped for cash, fighting internal wars, and struggling to build the infrastructure necessary to win over voters. Donald Trump’s extremism has pushed the party to the fringe, ostracizing moderate and Independent voters and leaving him with a weak, divided party that can’t stand up to Joe Biden’s broad coalition of support.”

On the stakes of this election:

“When the world turns to Chicago in August, we’ll remind them exactly what’s on the line. We’ve lived through one Trump presidency, and communities across the country are still living with the devastating fallout of his extremism and failed leadership. With Trump now promising to be a dictator on day one and threatening to roll back the progress we’ve made under President Biden, the fate of our democracy is hanging in the balance. The convention team will use every moment of the next few months to make sure every single American knows what’s at stake this November.”