ICYMI: Democratic National Convention Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community during Pride Month

CHICAGO – This month, the Democratic National Convention is celebrating Pride Month by uplifting LGBTQ+ staff, visiting local LGBTQ+-owned businesses, and showcasing the work the Biden-Harris administration has done for LGBTQ+ Americans.

In an article published by The Advocate, LGBTQ+ convention staff highlighted the DNCC’s inclusive approach and innovative strategies to make the Democratic National Convention in Chicago a landmark event.

To celebrate Pride Month, the Chicago 2024 Host Committee, local advocates, and elected officials toured LGBTQ+-owned businesses to showcase the diversity of Chicago’s small business community and uplift the contributions of LGBTQ+ Chicagoans.

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The Advocate: Democratic National Convention will be a celebration of diversity in Chicago, say queer staff

As the Democratic National Convention approaches, set to take place in Chicago from August 19-22, an undercurrent of inclusivity runs through its planning stages.

According to a convention spokesperson, over 20 percent of the Democratic National Convention Committee staff identify as LGBTQ+, with five department directors among them. This is not just a statistical footnote; it’s a deliberate manifestation of the Democratic Party’s values of diversity and inclusion, the organizers say.


The convention’s commitment to LGBTQ+ representation extends to its business partnerships. Revel Global Events, a local women and LGBTQ+-owned business, has been tapped to manage the convention’s events, showcasing the best of Chicago’s vibrant enterprise scene. Additionally, the Chicago 2024 Host Committee is championing local LGBTQ+ businesses through a meticulously curated vendor directory and venue map.


The stakes are high, and the DNCC is poised to deliver a narrative that underscores the achievements of the Biden administration, particularly its pro-LGBTQ+ policies. “This administration is the most pro-LGBTQ in history, and we’re proud to showcase that,” Hill asserted. The convention will highlight past accomplishments and draw a stark contrast with the opposing party’s stance on important issues, including LGBTQ+ issues.

WLS-TV (ABC Chicago): Democratic National Convention officials tour LGBTQ+ businesses ahead of Chicago DNC

Democratic National Convention officials toured LGBTQ+ and gay-owned businesses Thursday ahead of the 2024 Chicago DNC in August.


That time to shine is especially prevalent this summer with Chicago hosting the Democratic National Convention. DNC officials took a tour of businesses on Halsted and Broadway on Thursday. The hope is for delegates and visitors to venture beyond the United Center and downtown and into some of the city’s 77 neighborhoods.

“We expect over 150 to 200 million in economic impact and we want to get that impact into the neighborhoods just like North Halsted,” DNC Chicago 2024 Host Committee Executive Director Christy George said.

“Part of our job as a host committee is to make sure that that is equitably distributed, especially to growing businesses,” DNC Senior Director of Community and Civic Engagement Mo Green said.