ICYMI: Democratic National Convention Announces Sustainability Advisors

CHICAGO – Yesterday, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and the Chicago 2024 Host Committee announced the selection of two women-owned, Chicago-based firms, Bright Beat and Purpose, to serve as Sustainability Advisors for the Democratic National Convention. Chicago’s NPR station WBEZ, in partnership with the online climate magazine Grist, covered the announcement online and on the air.

The Democratic National Convention will serve as a key opportunity for Democrats to bring the story of the Biden-Harris administration’s accomplishments to the American people – including their historic record on climate action. Bright Beat and Purpose will work with the convention team to oversee and develop sustainability best practices for the convention, with the goal of making the event the most sustainable Democratic National Convention in history.



Key Excerpts from WBEZ Story:

The Democratic National Convention Committee and Chicago 2024 Host Committee selected two Chicago-based firms, Bright Beat and Purpose, to help implement sustainability practices during the four-day, multimillion-dollar convention. Together, the two women-owned businesses will be responsible for cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.


“What we want to do is increase the awareness of decisions that can be made by those involved at every level to minimize their emissions impact,” said Stephanie Katsaros, founder of Bright Beat.


Marley Finnegan, the founder of Purpose, said large events inevitably produce emissions that can be traced back to travel, energy sourcing, food and waste. Finnegan’s firm also works on calculating travel emissions, which she said accounts for approximately 90% of event-related emissions.


President Joe Biden spent the past three years taking on the climate crisis, said Matt Hill, a spokesman for the DNC convention committee.

“We’re really excited to bring on local climate sustainability experts to figure out the best practices and tools that we can use to make sure that we deliver one of the most sustainable conventions in American history,” Hill said.