ICYMI: Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison Joins Latino Talk Radio in Chicago to Outline the Road to Convention

CHICAGO – Last Friday, Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison called into Chicago’s WRLL1450 AM, a Latino talk radio station, with host Fernando Jaramillo to discuss the road ahead to the convention, how the Latino community can participate in this historic event, and the stakes of the 2024 election for Latinos across the country.  


On celebrating President Biden and Vice President Harris:

“We are so excited. I’m actually here in Chicago today, but I’ve been going all around the country, as have the president and the vice president, making sure that the American people understand all that we are doing in order to deliver for them to make sure that all of the benefits of the American Dream are available to all of America’s people… This is a president who gets up every day thinking about how can [he] make the lives of the American people better. So we are taking this tour going into the convention, which will be an opportunity for the President to really demonstrate to the entire country and to the world that he is ready and will continue to fight for each and every one of us.”

On ways the Latino community can get involved in the convention:

“One of the things that is really important for the community to get involved… go to Chicago2024.com. We have a vendor directory where you can sign up …we’re looking for more diverse vendors – so we’re looking for folks from the Latino community to come and be a vendor to provide your services or provide your products so that we can have that here at the convention. You can also go to that same website, if you want to volunteer at the Democratic Convention. I’m a firm believer that the Democratic Party is the most diverse party in this nation and is a party that looks like America, but we also need to make sure that we are working with vendors and organizations that also look like America so that diversity is key to us.”

On the stakes of the 2024 election for Latinos across the country:

“So much is at stake. When you look at it, you know, all of us, we want to be seen, we want to be heard and we want to be valued. And from day one, Joe Biden has seen and heard the value of the Latino community. And if you don’t believe my words, just take a look at his actions. When you look at who he has appointed in some of the most important positions in our federal government. You have Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, in charge of all of the health and human services operations of our federal government. In terms of our homeland security, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. In terms of our education, Secretary Miguel Cardona. In terms of small businesses, and we know that Latino community has so many emerging small businesses, we have Isabel Guzman, who’s the administrator there. Even when you think about who Joe Biden has elected to run his campaign, his campaign manager is Julie Chavez Rodriguez, a Latina and the granddaughter of labor leader Cesar Chavez.”


“We want a president that sees us, hears us, and values us. Donald Trump believes that immigrants are poisoning the blood of this nation, when immigrants are the reason why we have this nation. And so it’s important for folks to understand the fundamental freedoms that we have and that we enjoy as Americans. These freedoms are the reason why so many people come here… Well, Donald Trump and his MAGA right wing extremists are attacking those rights, the rights for women to control their own bodies, or the rights for us to vote for who we want to. This is a guy who actually led an insurrection. And we know – you know – our families fled from that type of dictator… We don’t want that in America… That’s why people need to make sure that they go out and exercise their right to vote.”