ICYMI:Democratic Leaders Tout Chicago to Media as Convention Preparations Pick Up

CHICAGO – Yesterday, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) welcomed hundreds of media representatives from across the country to Chicago for a preview of the convention and the United Center, the site of the 2024 Democratic National Convention’s official proceedings and programming.

“While the Republican convention will be mired in chaos, fear and division, the Democrats will host a hopeful convention, providing all Americans an important moment to celebrate our freedoms and come together as a nation,” said Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison. “It will be a historic celebration of the work behind us and a preview of the work still to come. It will be a moment for the nation to get involved, to get engaged, and to get ready for the final sprint to the most important election of our lifetime.”

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ANCHOR: In the meantime, Chicago continues to gear up for this summer’s Democratic National Convention. Hundreds of journalists from the U.S. and across the world visited the United Center today. The venue will host the convention’s primetime proceedings and programming. Governor JB Pritzker says the convention will remind voters about the choice they have in November.

GOVERNOR JB PRITZKER: It’s a choice between President Biden who raised wages and created good paying manufacturing jobs here in America or Trump who spent his administration sending jobs overseas. Between President Biden who is fighting to restore reproductive rights or Trump who brags about overturning Roe v. Wade.


ANCHOR: The United Center decked out in DNC colors once again to welcome hundreds of journalists who will descend on Chicago once again in August for the convention that will formally nominate Joe Biden for president.

MAYOR BRANDON JOHNSON: We fight for what is right, and in fact, that’s why I’m confident that we are going to send President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris back to the White House.

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ANCHOR: The Democratic National Convention is now less than three months away. It’s going to be here before we know it. Today hundreds of journalists from around the world were in Chicago to tour the United Center. Mayor Johnson and Governor Pritzker were also there. They say the city of Chicago will be ready to welcome more than 50,000 visitors.

GOVERNOR PRITZKER: We’re ready to deliver the most successful convention ever that will showcase Chicago, Illinois, the Democratic Convention, and President Biden and Vice President Harris.


Chicago Sun Times: Democratic convention officials brief legacy and new media at United Center

There are 89 days before the 2024 Democratic Convention kicks off in Chicago, and hundreds of media members – that’s national and local outlets, podcasters, content creators and sorry if I overlooked an emerging category — gathered at the United Center on Wednesday for briefings — with Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Brandon Johnson making unannounced appearances.

This “walk-through” was a combo event — a lot of practical logistical information about media work areas in and outside the United Center, costs, access and credentials — with a dose of wooing the people who will be, from assorted angles and platforms, covering the presidential nominating convention that sets up the Biden-Trump rematch.

Chicago Tribune: In possible DNC preview, Gov. J.B. Pritzker mocks ex-President Donald Trump

Before a captive crowd of national media members in Chicago on Wednesday, Gov. J.B. Pritzker heaped scorn upon former President Donald Trump, saying the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is cruel, wants to be a dictator and is “waiting to become the first felon elected president.”

The remarks, made at a media gathering at the United Center in preparation for this August’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago, hinted at just some of the barbs certain to be aimed at Trump this summer and highlighted the attack-dog surrogate role Pritzker is playing in the 2024 presidential campaign.


Pritzker was joined by both local and national Democrats who gathered as part of a media walkthrough at the United Center, which along with McCormick Place will serve as the main settings for the Aug. 19-22 gathering. The two-term Illinois governor was instrumental in bringing the DNC to Chicago and he’s expected to use the event to raise his national profile amid speculation he’s eyeing a potential White House bid after 2024.


Harrison, who as DNC chair will preside over the convention, said the gathering aims to inspire committed Democrats along with independents and young voters who could be key to a potential Biden victory in November.

“While the Republican convention will be mired in chaos, fear and division, the Democrats will host a hopeful convention, providing all Americans an important moment to celebrate our freedoms and come together as a nation,” Harrison said. “It will be a historic celebration of the work behind us and a preview of the work still to come.”

Chicago Defender: Pritzker Targets Trump in Pre-DNC Media Walkthrough at United Center

Almost three months ahead of the 2024 Democratic National Convention, organizers held a Spring walkthrough for local and national media members on Wednesday at the event’s United Center headquarters.

Those in attendance were not only treated to a tour and an overview of credentialing and logistics, but they also heard Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker rip into presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

As expected, the Democratic governor touted President Joe Biden’s record as his party’s presumptive presidential nominee over his Republican challenger in signing legislation to create jobs, protect women’s reproductive rights and bolster the nation’s infrastructure.

But Pritzker took it a step further in his four-minute speech by extolling Biden’s work and slamming Trump, utilizing a placid, matter-of-fact delivery.

“It’s a choice between a president who wakes up every morning working to improve the lives of families across this country or guy who spends all day watching TV or flatulating in a courtroom, waiting to become the first felon elected president,” Pritzker said.


Mayor Johnson opened with his familiar refrain about Chicago being “the greatest freaking city on the planet” and elaborated on why it was selected to host the DNC.

“Chicago was chosen to have the starring role because of our commitment to democratic values, and we don’t shy away from our values,” Mayor Johnson said. “In fact, we fight for them while we’re fighting for reproductive rights, workers’ rights, civil rights, fighting for the rights of those who are struggling to find housing, fighting for public accommodations.”

“That’s what we do. We fight for what is right.”

There is also the matter of aesthetics.

“We’re here to show off to the rest of the world why the city of Chicago is a beautiful place,” Johnson said.

Other speakers included 2024 DNC Chair Minyon Moore, Democratic party chair Jaime Harrison and Ald. Walter Burnett, among others.

The Daily Herald: Pritzker, Johnson tout DNC in Chicago at preview

Democrats went off script Wednesday at a media preview of the national convention in Chicago by bringing in two surprise speakers to tout the event.

Making unexpected appearances, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson hit on themes expected to resonate during the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 19 through 22 at the United Center.

“Chicago and Illinois aren’t just places to host a convention but we’re also the best places to show what it means when we say, ‘Democrats deliver,’” Pritzker said.


“I’m looking forward to working collaboratively … to make sure we have a safe, a vibrant and energetic convention,” Johnson said. “We’re here to show off to the rest of the world why the city of Chicago is a beautiful place.”

Politico Illinois Playbook: For Dem convention, media matters

CONVENTION ZONE: Some 500 media folks are in Chicago today touring the United Center to make sure their seats and views are just right for the Democratic National Convention in August.

New world: The media and information landscape has transformed since the last in-person convention in 2016, so editors and broadcasters are looking at the convention space with new (digital) eyes.

And the Dems are, too: The Democratic National Convention team is trying to find new and creative ways to bring the party’s story to life, knowing that viewers digest content in different ways than they did eight years ago.

Joining the press corps today at the United Center will be podcast creators Jennifer Welch and Angie Sullivan, who headline the “I’ve Had It” podcast. They are familiar names in the digital world, having recently hosted Vice President Kamala Harris for a conversation about reproductive rights and access to health care, among other topics.

Building coalitions: Convention organizers are also meeting today with Black and Hispanic media outlets, knowing that those organizations reach another broad swath of communities across the state and the country.

Familiar names: Speaking to the media members will be Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison, presidential Senior Adviser Anita Dunn, Chicago Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. and Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter.