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credential overview

Credential Overview

All media who require access to the 2024 Democratic National Convention must be credentialed. The Congressional Press Galleries are the non-partisan entity that credential the vast majority of the media for the Republican and Democratic conventions. Please review the descriptions of each Congressional Press Gallery and the outlets they credential. For media that do not fall under the Congressional Press Gallery credentialing criteria can apply through the DNCC Press Gallery.

To enter the convention complex, all media must display a DNCC-issued credential and may be required to apply for a U.S. Secret Service (USSS) credential depending on their access within the United Center. DNCC-issued credentials determine the areas of access and have different levels of access for different work areas for the media. DNCC credentials are not name or photo-specific; USSS credentials are name and photo-specific.

News organizations should first apply for media accreditation through their respective Congressional Press Gallery. Once approved by the relevant gallery, information about how to apply for USSS credentials will be communicated directly to the news organization’s point of contact.

key dates

Key Dates

Reference the below list of key dates for media credentialing for the 2024 Democratic National Convention:

February 2 (Passed): Deadline to apply for TV broadcast suites and stand-up positions through respective credentialing gallery.

February 9 (Passed): Deadline to apply for radio broadcast seats, Media Row, press seats, digital darkroom seats and workspace through respective credentialing gallery.

April 12 (Passed): Deadline to apply for media credentials through respective credentialing gallery.

May 3 (Passed): Deadline to complete application for U.S. Secret Service (USSS) credentials after receiving credential through press gallery

May 31 (Passed): Deadline to apply for media credentials through the DNCC Press Gallery.

July 8: Deadline to complete application for U.S. Secret Service (USSS) credentials after approval through the DNCC press gallery

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Credential FAQS

Credential FAQs